Are you in need of a last minute Christmas present? Stuck on what to get a fussy relative or friend? Well, don’t worry, everybody goes through the same struggle you are enduring. Sometimes it’s hard to find that good gift – and no, those dodgy socks simply will not do – so to help you with your search for the most envied bookcase around, here is the ultimate guide to books anyone from S1-4 would love to find under their tree on Christmas morning.

First up is the compelling novel “Private Peaceful” by Michael Morpurgo. This book takes you through a tale of two brothers who once lived a very simplistic life before their future was turned upside down. Forced to join the raging First World War they quickly realise not everyone is going to make it back alive and surviving is going to be a very difficult battle to overcome. This book touches on the true meaning of love and how it can carry us through the toughest of times. It opens the mind to the horrors of war and teaches us that family should be treasured, no matter what.

Not many people have heard of the Roman Mystery series but I guarantee once you start reading, you will not be able to stop. Each book is set in ancient Rome and follows the tales of four friends: Flavia, Johnathan, Nubia and Lupus. “The Thieves of Ostia” is first in the series and it starts with a very intriguing mystery of a dog slayer. The four friends are determined to catch them, without fail, and throughout the book continue to solve the mystery many others had not yet achieved to crack. You follow them through their exciting adventures and near enslavement before finally coming to a well-deserved conclusion. The excitement and thrills of this grand adventure are continued through the rest of the series and Lawrence can most definitely captivate anyone’s imagination. These books are a great Christmas present for anyone who loves a good read with a great mystery to go along with it.

I don’t believe there is anyone out there who,as of yet, have no read or watched the film adaptations of the Harry Potter books. A riveting read for any age which will send you into a world of magic and provide a great present for anyone in search of a good book to read this Christmas. To start the series you meet Harry, an exceptionally ordinary boy who lives with his aunt, uncle and their ridiculous son Dudley. Not until Harry’s remarkably unusual eleventh birthday does he find out that he is a wizard, and not only that, he is destined to attend Hogwarts – a legendary school of witchcraft and wizardry. A whirlwind of adventures creep into Harry’s life as he meets his newly made friends Ron and Hermione, who go on to accompany him on his many escapades and watch as he discovers his true past. However, while learning of his past he becomes aware of a man so powerful, so evil, he manages to cloak the entire wizarding world in fear, and he is after one thing; Harry.

Harry Potter Books

Anyone out there who loves a good fantasy novel which is full to the brim with vampires, werewolves and extra talented humans will love “The Mortal Instruments.” You can really get your teeth stuck into this six book series and be a part of a bigger world where it’s normal to watch fairies fly through the park or hear the howls of werewolves at night. Through these books you become a part of Clary’s story and travel with her through the confusing realisation that she is not as normal as she seems. Watch as she becomes more than the artist she thought she would be and instead treads a much more dangerous path of weapons and demons. After years of her mother hiding her from the world she grew up in, Clary discovers everything from a boy named Johnathan who takes her to an institute of shadowhunters. From there you can watch Clary blossom into a role she was destined to fulfil and fight a battle that she never knew existed. This is a wonderful gift for those with a wide imagination and a liking for mythical beings so be sure to add these books to your list of present ideas as it will brighten up everybody’s Christmas.

“Twilight,” a book no one should live without. Stephanie Meyer outdoes herself with these extraordinary books; intertwining a love story with incredible fantasy that would make anyone jealous. Isabella “Bella” Swan arrives in Forks, a small isolated town in Washington, with little expectations; that is until she meets Edward Cullen. Edward is a vampire who finds himself more enthralled with Bella as the days go by and, unfortunately for Bella, also has a strong craving for her blood. Bella couldn’t have hoped to find true love in a place do dreary but as she tries to break her way into Edward’s heart she eventually stumbles upon the unknown truth of Edward and his family. Only now does she realise who he is and why he has been hiding from her. Throughout the books Bella and Edward find themselves in countless dangerous situations while also having to face the truth that one wrong move from Edward could mean Bella might never breathe again. A book worth investing in, “Twilight” could never displease anyone on Christmas morning.

Last but not least, the “Infernal Devices” is by far one of my favourite reads this Christmas. It tells the tale of what happened before “The Mortal Instruments” and carries you through a few unanswered questions that were left after the last series. I would like to introduce you to Theresa “Tessa” Gray, an orphaned teenage girl who only wishes to find her lost brother and decides the best place to start is 19th Century. Here she discovers a world of fantasy filled with shadowhunters, a race she must befriend to keep herself from the growing danger that surrounds her. Here she discovers Will and James, the two men between whom her love is split, and she struggles with herself trying to come to a conclusion as to of who she would rather love. Tessa grows up faster than she would have done in the human world and she comes to appreciate true friendship and loyalty. Once again, these books would light up the faces of those who open their presents to find them there and I promise this series is worth every penny.

I sincerely hope this has helped you past the struggle of last minute present ideas and assisted you in the search for the perfect gift to send at Christmas. Each of these books have the ability to brighten everyone’s Christmas while simultaneously providing the best reads out.