The Bannerfield Buskers is a group created by Shelia Sapkota, and is run with the help of some of the members of the local music organisation, Riddle Fiddles. It is based in Philiphaugh Community School and is run every Friday afternoon. The group was set up to introduce the local young people to music and musical instruments, specifically the fiddle. It has been running now for around a year, and has been extremely successful. As well as fiddles, the group have expanded to include acoustic guitars and a bass guitar.

The tunes played vary from traditional reels and jigs, to pop songs such as Up!, to songs written by some of the members of the group. Although the children are still learning, they are developing very quickly and have learnt a number of different tunes already.

The group have played at various events, most recently at the Philiphaugh Christmas Fair, where they played traditional tunes as well as Christmas songs. Their performances were met with smiles and applause as well as many offers of cake. Performances like this are very valuable as it helps develop performance skills while also improving confidence.

It is hoped that, when the pupils move on to high school, they continue to play the fiddle and that this will encourage others to embrace the joy that is learning and playing a musical instrument.

Part of Bannerfield Buskers in action