Canadian actor and comedian Mike Myers once stated “My theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.” Now to be honest, when it comes to haggis I wouldn’t be surprised if it was initially a bet two butchers had with each other while slightly tipsy. Who really pulls out the stomach of a sheep and goes “Oh! That would go fantastically with some oatmeal inside it!”? Luckily for the judges at the regional stage of the Rotary Young Chef competition, neither Catherine or Milly decided to experiment with any bizarre cuisine. Their classy chef outfits – provided by the County Hotel and the Rotary Club of Selkirk – went well alongside their equally classy dishes.

Today saw the pair, who successfully made it through the local stage of the competition, participate at the regional stage of the Rotary Young Chef competition taking place in Kelso High School. Joined by successful young chefs from across the Borders, the competition was fierce. Finding themselves pitted up against the Border’s best among whom were S6s, the pair held their own in the competition with Catherine coming back with a third place finish under her belt. Sadly, only two lucky winners were allowed through meaning both Selkirk participants will be leaving the contest.

However, their exit was not without a fight and the pair put in valiant efforts that I am most definitely sure the Home Economics department will be proud of.

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