Yet again Selkirk High School has been privileged enough to have another fantastically talented sports person among our ranks. In the recent Scottish Schools Swimming Finals in Glasgow, Selkirk’s very own Lindsay Jack showed Scotland what she was made of. Lindsey successfully finished the 400 IM in an overall sixth position and achieved third place in her age group. This is yet another fantastic achievement for the young swimmer as she proves once more that the little Selkirk High School can punch far above its weight.

As is said with many thing, starting at a young age really helps to ensure a quick advancement in whatever the activity may be. Lindsay was no exception to this rule starting swimming aged just 3 years old. However, simply swimming wasn’t enough, so at the age of nine she began swimming competitively. As with many sports there is far more than simply turning up to competitions and hoping for the best. Lindsay, like many of the sports participants in Selkirk High School, attends training regularly and her hard-work is evidently heading her in the right direction. She says that she not only enjoys the competitive nature of swimming but also the opportunity to train with friends and meet new people. She also find it great to look back and see how she has improved and to consider how much more she still has to offer.

In a sport often overlooked due to its less popular nature and strict, tough training regimes it is great to see such dedication and success from someone from the high school. On another positive note, Yarrow have a great chance now at something with such a talented swimmer in our house.

We hope that Lindsay’s success will encourages others to take up the sport as it is a great way of staying healthy and a fantastic way to meet new people and travel to new places. We wish her all the best with future competitions and hopefully we will have another great success to right about soon.