For every major film released, there is an equally as important soundtrack. From the sophisticated clean tones of  the James Bond theme tune to the mystical Hedwig’s Theme, there’s something for everyone. However, which one of the iconic movie theme songs is your favourite?

Is it the fast paced and snappy Theme from ‘Mission: Impossible’ composed by Lalo Schifrin for the Mission Impossible series. With its 5/4 time signature it stands out from the crowd. But does it beat the rest?

How about the magical Hedwig’s Theme composed by the musical giant John Williams? The iconic theme tune of the Harry Potter movies features a celesta which is most famously used in Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the sugar plum fairy from the ballet, the Nutcracker.

Or perhaps you are more fond of John Williams’ other work as composer of the Star Wars orchestral score. The famous Star Wars theme tune is bursting with energy and emotion and is known the world over.

Maybe it’s none of above and you prefer the suave and sophisticated James Bond Theme by Monty Norman. Opening with a clean, instantly recognisable guitar riff, it matches the sleek style of Bond perfectly.

Of course, there is always the multi-award winning Lord of the Rings Theme composed by Howard Shore. The breezy, mystical score knocked world renounced – and double nominated – John Williams from The Academy Award for Best Original Score at the 74th Academy Awards.

Last but not at all least, we have the wonderfully bouncy and energetic score by Claus Badelt, He’s a Pirate. The tune features as the theme for the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Now it’s time for you to vote! Who will win the universally recognised title of The Selkirk Scrapbook Award for Best Movie Theme Tune.