This year, new S6 students are going to fill 25 periods of their timetable with either academic, community or personal work or studies. At the end of the year, all S6 students should get at least 3 qualifications.  Unlike in previous years where subject choices are put into columns before the students get to choose them; this year the students will have free choice of all the subjects. After this, they will be put into a timetable. The reason for this change is to allow the students to be able to choose from a wider range of courses and not be restricted by the columns.

So what courses can you take in S6? Well, there are the usual subjects, such as English, Maths, Physics et cetera, that are available to study at every level, from National 4 all the way to Advanced Higher. Certain advanced highers such as PE, Administration, Art and Design and Business management aren’t available to study at Selkirk High School but may be able to study at other schools. However, there are some of the more non-main stream subjects, such as Creative Industries, Psychology and Software Development available. The latter two are available to study at the Borders College and will be part of your timetable. For more information, please ask a member of the pastoral team.

There is also a range of vocational courses that are available to study at the Borders College, ranging from Construction, Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Land-Based Rural Skills and Engineering. These will also be part of your timetable and will count towards your 25 periods a week. As well as these, there are 4 courses available to study at the Queen Margaret’s University: Creative Industries, Food Science, Health and Social Care and Hospitality and Tourism. Again, if you want more information on any of these courses, please ask a member of the pastoral team. To get a full list of all the subjects that are available to study, please see

Finally, there are wide variety of opportunities and achievements you can work towards in S6. You can work towards obtaining Saltire Awards for volunteering or achieving a Leadership Award. You could also take part in the Sports Leadership & Leisure Games, or the Youth Applicants in Schools Scheme. This is where you study a 5-month course, roughly at the same level as an advanced higher, with the Open University. You can study a very wide range of subjects, from Engineering to Law. To get a full list of subjects you can study, please see A YASS course looks great on your CV as the learning is all independent – there is no teacher input at all. There will be an article next week on what it is like to do a YASS course.