The Selkirk Scrapbook is recently surpassed 50 posts. It has taken just over 4 months, 5 writers and 1 dedicated Mr Clark to get to this point. In celebration of our 50th post, here’s a look back at the evolution of the Selkirk Scrapbook.

The Scrapbook was first thought of in the very first PR and Pres Committee meeting of the 2015/16 term. Mr Clark, our new deputy head, wanted to see Selkirk hit the internet and saw the PR and Press Committee as the perfect committee to do so. The idea was quickly transformed into a test website where random posts testing the different aspects of WordPress were thrown about.

First Post
On the 1st November 2015 our first post went live.
First few posts
Our first week live saw a vast array of different posts go up.


First peak mkII.jpg
The 19th November saw our first peak of 191 views. Little did we know what was to follow, but we wanted it to look a lot like that orange bar.


Graph of nov dec
Success followed our hard work in the first month of the blog.


Nov peak.jpg
Above are some of the posts that contributed to our success in the first few weeks after our launch.


Passing 2000
On the 5th December we celebrated surpassing 2000 views, a great achievement for our little committee.


The Drop
Then December to mid-February saw a drop in views (and content). However, as Confucius once said “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising each time we do.”


The fall
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein 
The Rise
So, on the week starting the 22nd February we picked up our act and began our rise. Fortune – and some new ‘tactics’ – smiled upon us and we hit gold, resulting in our views rocketing.
Front Page March 2016
Today, in contrast with our basic beginnings, we now have a vast array of fantastic and insightful articles. There is everything from sporting achievement at Selkirk High School to the work of the Journey to Change Committee. For such a small committee, we have achieved an awful lot and I am sure that without the input of every member – including our ever wise leader Mr Clark – we would not have the same success and diversity that our blog boasts today. – The front page as of March 2016 (above)