The long awaited final instalment to the Divergent series has hit our screens; but what about the books?

Veronica Roth starts the series off with Divergent; an instant best seller. Divergent follows the story of a head strong young girl, Beatrice, who is deciding what life she should choose. Should she follow her heart and join the warrior faction or choose to live selflessly alongside her family?

Divergent is set in a dystopian world where a section of the world’s population has been trapped in a city, surrounded by a fence. They have been split into factions to keep the peace and once they turn sixteen, they complete an aptitude test which tells them which fraction they should choose. For Tris it is not so easy.

After completing the test she finds herself at a loss. Not only has she discovered that she does not fit into a single faction but she is also divergent. A threat to society; someone who should be hunted down. Tris finds herself in a whirlpool of adventure and with some help from the intimidating and secretive Four, she fights to keep the city as it was before Jeannine Mathews.

Insurgent continues the story as Tris and her friends turn to Amity – the peaceful farmers faction – to keep them safe; but not for long. Soon after, Erudite – the intelligent faction – comes looking for them in a bid to capture them. After a quick get away Tris finds herself among the fractionless and a war. The fractionless wish to overthrow Erudite and plan to take the city back. However, Erudite manipulates the emotions of Tris until she feels it her duty to hand herself over to Erudite in the hope that they will stop; but that’s not what Erudite are planning.

A fantastic addition to the series and one that will hook you in from the start. It is packed with adventure and full of excitement. You won’t be able to put the book down!

Now let’s move on to Allegiant. Most people will have loved the book; I have nothing against that, but personally I thought that it didn’t have the same enticing abilities that the last two books contained. Veronica Roth took a risk in writing the book in first person from two characters perspectives. I don’t believe she pulled it off. (Editor’s Notes: Love this!)

The book follows Tris and Four as they discover life outside the wall. You go on a journey with them as they learn to live in a different society. Sadly, that society was not all it was hyped up to be. The government believe the genetically damaged are the cause of the destruction of the world. So far, they have set up experiments such as Chicago in the hope that someday the population will heal itself and come out to help heal everyone else. Unfortunately for them, Tris and Four do not believe in this. After life changing decisions a  fight commences; one with devastating consequences.

For me this book was a disappointment in many ways. If you are to write  from different characters view points don’t write in first person as this only confuses the reader as to who is speaking. Secondly, I don’t believe it had enough action or risk to really finish the series off. The last book should be exciting and it should draw you in from the beginning as it is concluding the story and the characters’ life. Writers should make the most from that as no one wishes to see their favourite character in a dull light.

The first film, I believe, includes enough of the book to make you feel as if you were actually watching something that’s relevant to the book. Continuing with Insurgent, it was good but still not as good as the first. I loved the action and the emotional journey you go on with Tris throughout the film but I believe the acting was slightly poorer. The final film I have still to watch but from the trailers I have seen, it looks like a totally different story. What happened to the streets and land? It looks as if they’ve come out of Chicago and ended up being transported to Mars. I have quite low expectations for it so hopefully it surprises me and ends up being a film I love; just not a film I would associate with the book.

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