As we all know, several authors will be coming to our school in the next month or two. One of them being none other than Claire McFall. For those of you who don’t know who she is, McFall is a writer and English teach who lives and works within the Scottish Borders. Today I will be discussing one of her books, “Ferryman,” which has been short-listed for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards and the Grampian book awards as well as many others.

Ferryman follows Dylan as she travels to the afterlife. Dylan meets the mysterious Tristan and together they embark on a mission that will change both their lives forever. Or perhaps more Dylan’s death. Each night her feelings for Tristan grow and Tristan can’t help but feel a pull towards the girl he had only just met.

For years Tristan had been a compassionate ferryman; always ready to console the dead and make the transaction easier to bear. However, after years of being kind, he hardened. The burden of getting to know and care for people, only to lose them as they enter the afterlife, a place he could never enter, took away his compassion and sympathy until all that was left was a man with only one mission; to ferry the dead across the wasteland and leave them to their grievances. However, Dylan’s appearance has caused old emotions that have been buried deep down to resurface. Something about Dylan just changes Tristan back into the man he once was, and more.

Dylan is also treading a long and difficult path, that might not work out quite the way she thought it would go. Dylan is a storm of emotions. To die is one thing but then to find someone who sees through you into the true person within is another thing altogether. Dylan just can’t help but feel a pull towards the boy with the tan and freckles. What will happen when she moves on and leaves Tristan behind? I guess you’ll just have to read the book (which is great).

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I believe it to be worth the time it takes to read it. McFall’s way of writing hooks you in form the first sentence and immediately you can appreciate the story and characters greatly. Her use of language is exquisite and provokes intense emotions.