As I am sure many of you are aware, at the beginning of this academic year Selkirk High School welcomed a new deputy head teacher, Mr Clark.

Mr Clark has been fast and efficient in improving Selkirk High School. For example, he introduced us to paper and ink; a small step for Selkirk High School, a giant leap for those tiny first years. He has also been an avid campaigner for the introduction of state of the art teaching apparatus such as blackboards and rulers.

Since starting his post, Mr Clark has really integrated into the Selkirk High School community and has been caught skipping merrily around the school because he loves it so much. However, on the morning of the 1st April, Mr Clark decided he wished to put even more into Selkirk High School. He wanted to become even further integrated into the school and so came to this conclusion. As of the 1st April, Mr Clark pledged 50% of his monthly income to Selkirk High School in order to bring about really change.

To honour such a selfless act, the council of Elron have decided to rename the school after Mr Clark. Henceforth, Selkirk High School is to be called “The Clark Institute for Secondary Education“.

Do not worry! The council has came to the conclusion that all sports teams may still operate under the Selkirk High School name and all school uniform will remain the same as well.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Clark for his contribution to Selkirk High School and hope that the cold of his new tent does not effect his work ethic or the general health of his family.