First years are causing traffic jams in all the corridors, the common room is a hive of activity (mainly tea making and Just Dance), fifth years are already stressing over their Highers and the janitors are merrily cutting the grass. The new school year has begun. Even within this first week back, this year’s press committee has sprung into life with near enough a plan of action. We’re grateful for last year’s group doing all the hard work in establishing The Selkirk Scrapbook and setting it on the right path with regular, varied and interesting pieces. They definitely captured the best of what the school year offers in terms of trips and events, as well keeping readers up to date with student success and our views on worldwide issues.

This year, the committee’s aims are simple. We want to play to our strengths – firstly by using the close community of the school to investigate into pupil and staff experiences, giving them a platform to share their opinions and achievements. Also, we are keen to experiment with a range of media. Several of our members completed a Queen Margaret University course in Media and Communications last year so are expert multimedia bloggers. We also have technical input of Mr Clark and new English teacher Mr Henderson. What could go wrong?

The Head Team

However daunting we are finding it to take on Selkirk Scrapbook, at least we know it is nothing compared to the history of success that this year’s Head Team has to live up to. We caught them for a quick photo in between meetings with Mrs Burgon, stressful organisation of the prefects and Urban Outfitter worthy decoration of the common room…

Left to right – Deputy Joseph Milligan, Head Girl Sarah Gerlam, Head Boy Andrew McColm, Deputy Iona Kellett.

Q and A with the girls

Q – ‘ It’s been in discussion for a while but have you now decided on what your ‘Legacy’ is going to be?

Iona – Yeah we have! Inspired by the Rio Olympic Games, we want our legacy to be the promotion of new team sports within the school. Currently we excel at hockey and rugby but there are limited options for other team games in Selkirk.

Sarah – Trying out a new team activity will test your confidence and determination, pushing you out of your comfort zone both physically and socially. It doesn’t matter what level you’re playing at, perseverance and resilience are key to success. We hope to help start up basketball and netball sessions for the junior school.

New Teachers

This session brings the arrival of four new members of staff and we saw an oppertunity to find out what their impressions of the school were so far.

Name : Miss Hillen

Previous school: I’m a newly qualified teacher from Stirling Uni.

Subject: RMPS

First impressions of SHS: The social subjects department is lovely!

What are you going to bring to the staff team? : Banter and Irishness. I want to help out with everything and attend dances.

Any aims for your first year at SHS? : To enjoy the experience, and also attend Selkirk Common Riding.


Name: Mr Henderson

Subject: English

Previous school: Arthurmellows Village College, Peterborough.

First impressions of SHS:  It’s small and friendly

Hate or rate the canteen? : Not been yet


Name : Mr Gilmour

Subject: Modern Languages

Previous School: Eyemouth

First impressions of SHS: Staff and students are very welcoming, interesting and approachable.

What are you going to bring to the staff team? : New perspectives.

Any aims for your first year at SHS? : For students to look back on the year thinking ‘I enjoyed that!’

Hate or rate the canteen? : Not been yet! Give me a free meal and I’ll let you know.


Name: Ms Johnston

Subject : Maths

Previous school: Berwickshire High School

What are you hoping to bring to the staff team? : Lots of questions!

Any aims for your first year at SHS? : To survive smiling.