As a town, Selkirk’s sporting success mainly lies in the fields of hockey and rugby with a fair few Selkirk High School alumni soaring to great heights in those areas and some even going professional. However, this past July, one Katie Brydon of Selkirk High had quite a remarkable journey to America, placing second in the World Championships for 50 calibre rifle shooting.

Katie (pictured below), has since said that there was very little preparation for her in the lead up to the competition. When asked how she got into shooting, Katie laughed and said “Well I didn’t! We were on a family holiday in America and when we got to New Mexico, my uncle told us he was competing for Team GB in the championships and asked me if I wanted to have a go.


Even more astonishing than this, Katie not only competed for Team GB against the best in the world in this event, she only had one shot of the rifle before the competition! She had 5 shots that were scored for the event and the spotter (warm-up) rounds in between and ended up on the podium with a silver medal.

Katie is now a proud member of the 50 Calibre Shooters Association and Team GB. What a spectacular achievement and all the best to her in the future. Well done Katie!

Dominic Burke