Welcome to Selkirk High School’s PR and Press Committee website. As a committee we are responsible for keeping students, parents and the local community up to date with events, achievements, sports and much more happening here in Selkirk High School.

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Our committee is made up of a  dedicated team of seven students from a variety of different stages within the school, ranging from S3 to S6. We are one of seven committees within the school and, unlike the other six, we shall be playing an integral part in many of them through the promotion and reporting of their events and achievements.

However, it is not only news from the committees that you can expect to be uploaded to this website. We shall be showcasing the high school’s various sporting teams, events as well commentary and opinion on local and national news.

The press team is made up of

  • Euan N(S6) – chairperson of the committee
  • Jack O(S6)
  • Baird M(S6)
  • Joseph M(S5)
  • Catherine N(S3)
  • Paige G(S3)
  • Catriona T(S3)

From all of us here at Selkirk High School’s PR and Press Committee, we wish you happy reading.

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